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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  "Action springs not from thought, but
   from a readiness for responsibility."



How a branch presents itself can have a substantial impact on morale and recruitment, and shapes how a local community views members. Branches are encouraged to adopt a uniform as they provide members with a sense of shared identity, purpose, dignity and status.

Spanish pro-government militia (1936)

The Spanish woman in this photo is Francisca Solana, a nurse in La Fuenfría who joined a pro-government militia to fight the fascists and is known as "The Heroine of El Espinar" (1936).

Black Uniform: We recommend robust black clothing which has often been used by militia groups as improvised uniforms, notably the pro-government fighters pictured above wearing black overalls during the Spanish Civil War. Black overalls are not suitable for use as casual clothing, whereas a black t-shirt and jeans are commonly used as both casual clothing and work clothes (notably by stage hands to keep a low profile during performances) and work very well with a loose fitting black windbreaker or pile jacket that will conceal a low profile chest rig like the Condor and Strike Hard Gear products noted on the Equipment page.

MARPAT Woodland

US Marines wearing MARPAT Woodland BDUs at a briefing.


US Marines wearing MARPAT Desert BDUs and garrison caps during a marching drill.

Camouflage Uniform: For those who prefer a camouflage uniform we recommend MARPAT Woodland and MARPAT Desert BDUs. MARPAT (Marine Pattern) was developed for the US Marine Corps from CADPAT (Canadian Pattern). MARPAT Woodland and commercial variants (Digital Woodland, USMC Woodland, etc.) are manufactured by a range of companies including Bulle, MFH, Helikon, Propper, Mil-Tec and Teesar and used by militias worldwide, notably the Kurdish YPG/YPJ. Khaki or tan boots are best worn with desert BDUs and black or dark brown boots with woodland BDUs (not the coyote brown boots that Marines wear with both).


Branch members may send in digital photographs (maximum 200 KB per image) of
their activities via email, which will be posted on the MZG website at the discretion of the webmaster. Copyright is ceded to MZG for this purpose. Images must be sent to:

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"...and if you do not have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one."  – Jesus Christ

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