Thomas Paine

  "He that would make his own liberty
   secure must guard even his enemy
   from oppression; for if he violates this
   duty, he establishes a precedent that
   will reach to himself."

   - Thomas Paine



Start your own branch using our forms on the Documents page. Applicants must obtain a first aid certificate, agree to obey our by-laws, and swear the oath in order to become a member.


Members must obtain the items listed in the Kit as a mandatory purchase within one year of joining, which are inspected annually by the branch Sergeant-At-Arms (SAA).

First Aid

Applicants must obtain a first aid certificate, ideally from a Red Cross or Red Crescent Society. The expiry date is checked annually by the branch SAA.


Applicants must agree to abide by our by-laws listed in the Kit; primarily maintain their equipment and first aid certification, and not bring MZG into disrepute.


The following oath is sworn at a membership ceremony: "We swear to stand truly by each other and defend the weak."

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"Courage is the thing; all goes if courage goes."  – Sir James Matthew Barrie

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