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Sarah Ginaite in Kovno (now Kaunas) in 1944

   Sara Ginaite was a young Jewish
   woman who was imprisoned in the
   Kovno ghetto (Lithuania) in 1941
   by the Nazis, where she joined
   the Anti-Fascist Fighting Organization
   (AFO) in 1942. She and 11 other Jewish
   fighters escaped and joined Russian
   partisans in the Rudninkai Forest.
   One of her assignments was to return
   to the ghetto to bring out more young
   people. In July 1944 she participated
   in the liberation of Vilnius and Kovno
   where 90 per cent of the Jewish
   population had been killed by the
   Nazis and their collaborators.


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"The essence of my happiness is fighting for the happiness of others."  – Roza Shanina

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