Che Guevara

   Che Guevara wrote that we must be
   "guided by a great feeling of love" for
   the oppressed, and "strive every day
   so that this love of living humanity is
   transformed into actual deeds, into
   acts that serve as examples, as a
   moving force."

   In his final letter to his children,
   Che wrote: "Above all, always be
   capable of feeling deeply any injustice
   committed against anyone, anywhere
   in the world."



Militie Zonder Grenzen is a secular public militia comprised of independent branches.


Members are committed to defending the weak.


If we want to live in freedom we must protect the right of others to do so, in keeping with the principle of ‘equal liberty’ that underpins modernity. Our freedom is anchored in accepting responsibility for others, as we can have no moral claim to liberty if we neglect the liberties of our fellow human beings. United we stand, divided we fall.


Humans are social beings who naturally seek a democratic consensus that protects their shared interests. There can be no better expression of the social democratic impulse than helping end the exploitation, abuse and neglect of one human being by another; which can only be fully realized by liberating people from their alienation.


MZG was founded by Richard Lutz in 2018 after reflecting on The Motorcycle Diaries, in which Ernesto Guevara expressed his solidarity with the exploited peasants he met while travelling through South America with Alberto Granado, the crimes committed by governments gone bad – from the gas chambers at Auschwitz to the killing fields of Cambodia, Rwanda and Syria – and the courage of people like Tuvia Bielski who took up arms in defense of the weak.


Our organization is dedicated to Tuvia Bielski, who led a Jewish militia group which fought the Nazi invaders and their collaborators in Poland during the Second World War and rescued Jews from extermination. The essence of his moral achievement is that he undertook both resistance and rescue but favored the latter.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"I would rather save one old Jewish woman than kill 10 Nazi soldiers."  – Tuvia Bielski

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